Monday, 13 September 2010

Mellow fruitfulness

Keats' poem 'Ode to Auntumn' is one of the first poems I can remember falling in love with - just the sound of the words and the images he creates are majestically orchestrated. I love this time of year. On our walk today the leaves are just beginning to change. I love the colours in this shot.
It is a lovely wood with various carved creatures to find - this is one of our favourites the hedgepig.

There are also beautifully
constructed wooden fences - that always remind me of poems and their ornate structures.

Lastly, the blackberries are beginning to ripen - mmmmm.
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our walk.
I would love to take some wildlife pictures but I'm a little stumped about lenses to use and whether it is possible to get good shots by chance on walks rather than going to the same place and sitting quietly for long periods of time. I may have to wait until LO is larger and quieter but any advice gratefully received. I thought I may start in the garden with some birds. I have a feeling there could be many, many blurred shots.


  1. Great photos, Cherry. Catching wildlife is a daunting task. My hubby puts out caught field mice for the crows to come get and I've been trying to catch one in the act for over a year now. I sit and wait but everytime I go in the house to go to the bathroom the crow comes and snatches up the mouse and I miss the shot. Geez! Someday I'll get it!

  2. Thank heavens for digital cameras where you no longer have to pya to find out how many of your shots are blurred!! Some excellent shots today - loving the hedgehog!


  3. Love autumn colours as well...some great shots.

  4. I love these photos and the way that you've framed them and the lovely light but, I just LOVE the subjects! =]

    I seem to always read, zoom lens for wildlife. Well, I don't have one. I KNOW that there are deer out in the meadow but I never see them. Actually, we've seen buck scat out in our front lawn - right outside our widows - but I never saw him come or go.

    I was contemplating if I could train one of our resident chipmunks to banana chips, just yesterday. I try to take it in lovely natural light but, I think, that I am just going to put the camera on auto - sports, probably - a really fast shutter speed, anyway, and just figure out how to not miss the moment. I, also, need to figure out how to not absolutely panic all of my Disney characters when I raise the camera to my eyes!

    Aaaaaanywaaaaaaay, Cherry, I so appreciate your insightful comments on my blog! You have such a lovely way with words!

    I'm going to come back later to find out what other people thought.

    Love, Katy Noelle

  5. Wow, that blackberry shot makes my mouth water!

  6. i love that little hedgepig! that blackberry shot is perfection. the mouthwatering kind!

    thank you for stopping by simplyfeather and leaving such kind comments.

  7. Ooh Cherry doesn't look to me like you are lacking in inspiration! I do know what you mean though it can be a struggle thinking of things to shoot but when that happens I always think I'm thinking too hard! No what I mean?
    Those blackberries are excellent and I adore that wooden fence, all great shots, well done.

    Katie x

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my photos, it was so sweet of you :)


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