Thursday, 16 September 2010

'plump the hazel shells With a sweet kernal'

These little cups always remind me of the tales of the folk who live under the hill.
It is lovely at the moment when we go out there is so much bounty to look and wonder at. The textures and colours are mouth-wateringly inspiring.
Have yourself a sweet evening.


  1. Gorgeous photo, the colours and the blurred background.

  2. Very nice, Cherry. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Depth of Field's a fab toy and this is the perfect excuse to use it, another goodie!


  4. Just beautiful! It really speaks - the rich, romanticness of the green - the texture of the Brownie's cap - the library feel of the acorn. You captured it beautifully.

    I am realizing that I am just not going to be able to "keep up" with it all - I've missed two other posts. sigh, because, I want to! Anyway, I really love you rainy leaf in b&w. I tried the same thing two days ago (thinking of Ansel Adams) and had terrible results. Yours is lovely!

    Love, Katy

  5. Ooh this is stunning Cherry, I love the lighting here.
    Katie x


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